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Learn more about how anger and stress are impacting you with our online tests.

There are 2 online tests at a special rate of only $1.99 each.

For your convenience you can sign up and take these tests online.


The Anger Test

How angry are you? How well do you control your emotions and what are your behaviours like?  Do you rage and lose control? Do you hurt others? Are you raging inside or outwards? Are you aware of the necessary tools to manage anger and what can you do to calm down? Are you harming yourself and others?

Take this accurate test answering 25 questions to evaluate your anger and assess how well you are doing?

The result will indicate whether you are in the critical range (have extreme anger and almost no control), below average range ( where you are angry and act inappropriately most of the time), average range (where there is room for improvement) or the above average range (where you are not such an angry person and when angry, you do know how to calm down and deal with situations appropriately).

This anger test will help you understand to what extent you are angry and whether or not you need to do our anger management programme.


     Curious? Want to know your anger score?
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The Stress Test

This test will help you see what levels of stress you have in ten key areas of your life over and above any major significant event. It is usually very difficult to pin-point where the stress lies, to what extent it is impacting us and whether it is above average. Without this knowledge we are not able to tackle the specific areas and the stress continues. Prolonged exposure to stress takes its toll on our mental and physical health and well-being, often leading to coronary heart disease.

This stress test accurately will assess your stress levels and will quantitatively give you a score for 10 key areas, once you have answered a total of 40 statements.

Based on the scores you obtain, you can see whether the stress level is mild, medium, high, very high or extreme. Empowered with this information you can then focus and prioritise the areas of your life you need to address.
The statements will give you clues as to what to do, but we strongly recommend that you come and see us so we can work with you and develop an effective stress-reduction plan. Additionally when you see us, we will look at many other factors and do a lifestyle analysis to assist you further.

Could your stress levels be high? Where are they high?     Take the Stress Test today and find out