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Disciplinary Employee Package

Every now and then an Employer is faced with having to deal with the inappropriate or intimidating behaviour of an employee in the work place. Such behaviour often results in a disciplinary hearing or the individual is identified as needing to learn to manage his emotions, behaviour, communication skills and his stress.
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Managing Emotions in the Workplace

Employees are all human beings and as such will have an array of emotions throughout each day. Some of these emotions may be positive and some may be negative. These feelings need to be managed correctly to ensure their behaviours align accordingly and are appropriate in the workplace when dealing with others and understanding others.
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Group Anger Management

Anger is only one letter away from Danger, and if not managed correctly can lead to dire consequences for the employee as well as impacting the company, its staff, its reputation and the bottom line. 
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Group Stress Management

More than 70% of employees are experiencing negative stress and need help to manage their stress. Stress has a direct bearing on the health and productivity of the employees and therefore the company. By supporting employees to manage their stress the organisation will ultimately benefit.
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Stress Consulting and EAP Support

We offer individual support to those employees who are experiencing high levels of stress and feel they are not coping.
We will do a full assessment in order to determine where the problems lie and give practical advice on how to reduce the high stress levels.
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