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Stress Management for Educators/Teachers

Teaching is a stressful job and the demands placed on Educators are immense. Most often they have to deal with time deadlines, lesson planning and preparation, lots of paperwork, difficult learners and lack of resources. This is a responsible profession and stress will impact not only on your work performance in and out of the classroom, but also your mental and physical health and well-being, your energy levels and your personal and family life.
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Anger Management for Educators/Teachers

Educators/ Teachers are seen to be the "gatekeepers for tomorrow". There is incredible pressure to perform well despite many with challenges within the system and with learners and even their parents. Often you feel helpless, disrespected, let down and not appreciated. Teachers, whose nerves are on the edge, usually act inappropriately and land up shouting and screaming and often have thoughts of leaving their profession.
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