"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

Does Anger mean I use it for Revenge?

Anger is that "powerful emotion you manifest to change those situations you are not happy about".

Anger should never be used for revenge.

Everybody feels anger at some point and can range from irritation to full-blown rage. It can vary in intensity, frequency, and duration depending on the individual, the trigger, and how quickly you become angry. Some people are continuously angry, whilst others only get angry occasionally.
It is important to establish the source of the anger, which may even go back to your childhood.
Every person has a different relationship with their anger. Some are very comfortable with it and express it. Others are not even aware of it and bottle up, whilst others use it as a tool of self-defense and revenge. Sometimes you may even be scared of your anger, especially if you have a temper.
It is never the emotion of anger that is the problem. It is your negative, destructive behaviour and loss of control when you are angry that is the problem and normally a clear indication you need Anger Management. Nobody has the right to be abused by another.

Myth: "Anger means I am violent". This is completely untrue. Anger is when you are impatient, intolerant, grumpy, argumentative, a road rager, a bottle-upper, aggressive, have outbursts, shout, swear, and throw things.

In our extensive experience in this field, we know that if you don't deal with your anger and behaviour, it will only get worse over time and you risk negatively impacting your relationships and your health.
It can also lead to loss of employment, the loss of a partner in a relationship, the loss of a bond with your children, the breakdown of a family unit, the loss of friends, poor health, financial losses, criminal records, imprisonment, or even death.

Acknowledge that you have a problem with your anger and take responsibility.

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