"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

Group Anger Management

Anger is only one letter away from Danger, and if not managed correctly can lead to dire consequences for the employee as well as impacting the company, its staff, its reputation and the bottom line.
Our group anger management programme can be facilitated as a one or two day workshop and explores the powerful emotion of anger and how to prevent employees losing control of their emotions and behaving aggressively or inappropriately towards a customer or other members of staff.


The group anger management programme:

  • Creates awareness of anger
  • Empowers employees with practical tools to use when they are angry
  • Explain and teach how to manage triggers and the pressure cooker
  • Strategies to prevent damage
  • How to prevent a "fight and flight" adrenalin charged response
  • The 6 stages to follow for a successful outcome

Benefits of a group anger management programme for employees:

  • They learn how to express their anger and needs in a calm, assertive manner to each other
  • They learn when not to engage and how not to react
  • They learn how to communicate effectively and not take things personally
  • They learn how to recognise and resolve conflict
  • They learn how stress influences their behaviour and how to manage the pressure cooker
  • They are happier, healthier, co-operative and productive
This workshop is beneficial for teams working together, departments where conflicts arise, those working with customers and for management under stress.

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