"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

Anger Management for Children, especially Teens

Being a child or a teenager can be as challenging and difficult as being an adult, especially in the high pressured environments that we are living in today. They are often expected to behave like an adult but they are treated like children. With the pressures to survive school and puberty with their raging hormones, we take it for granted that our children are not stressed or are coping, but this is not necessarily so. They are bombarded with new knowledge and information on a daily basis, as well as high expectations upon them from family and teachers.

In order to survive their worlds, they learn by observing those around them and they develop their own survival strategies and defence mechanisms. Often children show behavioural problems and the seat of these problems vary from family issues like divorce, separation, sibling rivalry or difficult parent approaches, to school situations like bullying, scapegoating or learning difficulties. Additionally there is a correlation between low self-esteem and bad behaviour or attention seeking. Often this aspect needs to be considered in order to try and raise the child's self-esteem.
An angry child becomes an angry adult. A bully child becomes a bully adult. Our experience has shown that kids are fortunately very receptive to anger management and require very few sessions to transform. It is harder once they become teenagers and their bad behaviour has established itself as a default habit.

The Anger and Stress Management Centre can offer an anger management
programme for teens and children

We identify the source of the anger and provide basic anger management tools that are age-appropriate to help them understand their anger better and how to manage their emotions. The anger management for children programme will also help them to forge better relationships with their parents, their siblings and their friends which serve them in the long run to have healthier relationships as they mature into adults.
Parents can also benefit from some parenting tips to help you achieve better and more appropriate behaviour from your child. It is important for parents to support their children and in turn, they will also learn something about anger management themselves. This is most useful in a family structure.

We usually see your child for a one hour session and give them the essentials of anger management which includes calming down strategies and key tools to use when they are angry.

Anger management for children includes seeing children with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, aspergers or with other special needs to assist them with their anger and complement other therapist they might be seeing.

* Not all our Centres see children - please enquire with the specific centre closest to you and they will advise you.
CONTACT one of our Centres to arrange a session. It is important that your child is willing to attend so that they are open to learning.

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