"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

Disciplinary Employee Package

Every now and then an Employer is faced with having to deal with the inappropriate or intimidating behaviour of an employee in the work place. Such behaviour often results in a disciplinary hearing or the individual is identified as needing to learn to manage his emotions, behaviour, communication skills and his stress.

The Anger and Stress Management Centre provides a very successful one on one anger management programme to help your employee to be in control of his emotions at his place of employment, to learn techniques of assertiveness and to improve his communication skills.


The Employee Anger Management Package teaches:

  • How to think first and then react,
  • The role of adrenalin in your emotions,
  • How to calm down, manage the "pressure cooker" and not explode,
  • What are your triggers and how to manage them,
  • How to communicate effectively and assertively,
  • The "old brain" and how to operate from the "new brain" to recover yourself,
  • How to develop awareness and stay in control.
The programme deals with the employee's current anger and the incident that might have taken place at work, and also the employee's historic anger and the source of it. We will also assess the level of the anger and the potential for future anger. The employee is taught all the normal tools, methodologies and concepts of Anger Management that are practical and if implemented, will be of instant benefit to the Employee and those around him.

The package includes a follow up interview after 8 weeks, to establish feedback on the employee's progress, reaction to triggers and controlling his emotions. Should the Employer request a confidential progress report, one can be provided at extra cost.

The benefits for the Employer are:

  • The Employer is seen to be taking action following an incident.
  • The valuable employee is not lost as a result of an incident.
  • There are no unnecessary costs of retrenchment, re-recruiting and training someone new.
  • The Employer is seen to be supportive of his employees.
  • Personal issues that may have been brought into the workplace are dealt with.

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