"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

Cape Town

Shelton has a wealth of experience and will help you no matter what! 
He is based in Parklands, Cape Town where you can see him in person for your sessions or alternatively he can help you online using Zoom, no matter where you are based in the World.

Please email: [email protected] requesting more info.

The Anger & Stress Management Centre has been operating since 2004 and has helped thousands of people.

Shelton Kartun is the founder of The Anger and Stress Management Centre. He spent 16 years in South Africa after 20 years in the UK. Shelton has a medical background with a B.Sc (Hons) degree from Wits as well as qualifications in stress counselling in the workplace, corporate stress management, complementary therapies, marketing and management. He has more than 22 years experience as an anger management specialist and a stress counsellor.

Shelton is regarded by the media as a leading authority on anger and stress and regularly receives requests to contribute to features in newspapers, magazines and other printed press as well as invitations for interviews on television and radio.
It is Shelton's vision and life purpose to bring Anger and Stress Management into reach of everyone that needs such assistance all over the world.
Shelton has one mission and that is "to help people have healthier and happier lives"
He is committed and experienced in helping people transform and have better lives and better interpersonal relationships.

Other programmes include conflict management, road rage, managing difficult customers, domestic violence, rebuilding relationships, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

We believe we will change your life in a relatively short period of time with our approach and practical tools.

Contact Shelton by emailing [email protected] for more information about our programmes and courses no matter where you are based.
Some of Cape Town's recent testimonials include:

"I was angry when I enrolled on this program. I felt no one understood me, my emotions and ADHD. After completing the program, I learnt I didn't actually understand myself nor my emotions. I have tools and feel more confident that I can and I will make the right decisions in the future. The knowledge learnt is invaluable. Thank you." RS

"Shelton's knowledge is amazing and it helped me in so many ways. The course and steps taken were very professional and really helped me with my anger." AS

"I found Shelton's conduct to be truly professional. His practical examples illustrated to me that the concepts presented were not just theoretical in nature. The tools and concepts made sense to me!" PD

"Brilliant programme. This has significantly enhanced my level of self-awareness. I have come to realise how important self-control is and that so much of what we do or say are within our control. Reactive behaviours without thought only provokes. This programme provided the necessary tools required to take responsibility for my own emotional wellbeing and equip me to play a role in the emotional wellbeing of others. It was well worth the investment! I would recommend this course to everyone." Coenrad

"A mind-blowing experience everyone should do. This course opened my eyes to a new way of approaching everyday experiences. I now see and handle things differently. It gave me a new perspective on anger as an emotion. Highly recommended!" GL

"I was initially reluctant to attend this anger management programme as I thought I could manage things myself. After the first session I realised how wrong I was. I enjoyed every session and my ability to control my anger was almost immediate. I will definitely recommend this programme to anyone wanting anger assistance. All the tools were extremely useful and effective." GR

"I recall I was a young boy in pain and suffering. A wasted life. Anger. Nothing helped me. I gave it my last attempt and realised I needed tools and skills. I will win - I will endure - I must.  Armed with the tenacity to let go the past and get the tools and skills I needed, these came in abundance from the anger management course headed by Shelton. Please believe me when I say he saved my life. Every human should do this course whether they think they have an anger problem or not." GS

"I found this programme to be an essential 'cure' to the unnatural and detached approach to modern life. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking clarity and lifeskills. Don't be deterred by preconceived notions about anger management.  This comes highly recommended! I never thought of myself as an angry or stressed person, even though I was triggered and reactive, I came to realise that I did not have the complete set of tools and insights to draw on at the time. I now feel somewhat enlightened that I now have these to use. Shelton's knowledge base and level of understanding is incredible." WT

"This course with Shelton was meaningful and made easy to understand, providing me with tools that will assist in managing negative and stressful situations. So far this has helped correct many of my inappropriate behaviours." WN

"Shelton was incredible, felt comfortable talking about tough issues with him. He's the best! This programme helped me gain control over my anger through useful, logical tools and resources. It has helped me change in such a positive way. Thank You." DH

"Thank you Shelton, your sessions were well prepared. This went beyond my expectation. Making that first appointment was the difficult part for me, I can only speak for myself, denial was the biggest problem. You have given me greater insight, I will practice the guidelines given to me." GVR

"Shelton is an incredible facilitator and I do not feel as though I'd have come this far without his support. The tools learned and experience gained in the programme have changed the way I interact with other people. I feel as though I am better at communication and am far better equipped to deal with the stress of daily life." MB

"The anger management course is very helpful as it targets the underlying problems in a concise manner unlike prolonged counselling". DL

"I felt very comfortable. The course is done in a very professional manner and a lot of information is given that can always be used. This can be put into practice to learn and grow from. Thank you - it was a pleasure attending the Anger and Stress Management course!". RR

"This course was better than I expected. It touched upon many fascinating subjects, allowing me to not just understand my nature better, but human nature. Many things I was learning seemed obvious as I thought "I know that", yet still I needed to be told these things. 10 out of 10!" CS

"All my expectations of the programme were surpasssed. I now feel confident that I am equipped with the necessary tools to manage stressful situations. You don't realise how much you need guidance until you actually start the programme. I recommend it! AM

"I enjoyed the program a lot. It most definitely helped me in the work environment and most importantly at home. Shelton presented everything clearly and made me feel at ease." MK Cape Town

"This provided a safe space in which I could process and evaluate areas of my behaviour that needed to change. It helped me realise that change is possible and attainable with the appropriate tools and mindset" T.D. Cape Town

"I really liked the constructive, productive and friendly style of this very informative programme" A.B. Ctn

"I felt that my anger was running away with me and hurting the people I love. Anger and Stress Management Centre gave me the simple and practical tools to manage my anger. Easy to understand and it works!" Jako - Cape Town

"Even if you do not have anger to the level where it is makin ga massive impact on your life, this course can help you to manage the often misunderstood emotion of anger. Anger happens daily in most people's lives and the advantages of managing it more effectively cannot be understated" J Stewert - Cape Town

"When this was first mentioned to me I was sceptical as to its effectiveness. However, from the first session I began to look at personal interaction and conflict differently. I could make sense of people's behaviour as never before. As soon as I stopped holding people to my logic it became easier to work with them and to resolve issues. It has really changed the way I think and react in everyday life" Leonard

"Just a quick note to say hi and again thanks for all that sessions. All my legal issues have been resolved and I see my son unsupervised. My work is flourishing my health really good and emotionally stabilized at a good point. You have truly been a great help in my life" Kevin

"Thank you Shelton for your amazing knowledge and insight into how humans 'operate' or rather 'should not' be operating. I felt that I could trust you with my anger problems and you helped me through the course to become a better person – to myself and others. Thanks a mill!" Inus

"Shelton made me understand why I get angry and how to avoid losing my cool so now I deal so much better with difficult situations ant work and at home. Thank you Shelton. The programme is great" C d P

"Thank you for this enlightening process. This course gave me a greater understanding of my perceptions and reactive triggers. I was only to slowly integrate the tools in a systematic way for positive and receptive outcomes in times of misunderstanding and friction" Andrew

"Thank you....we had an amazing experience we shall never forget. You delivered an infinitely reasonable set of simple tools that are extremely effective to focus on altering negative patterns, yet calming and resolute in shifting perspective. This was a most memorable and bonding moment for a Mother and Son" Vicky

"It was a good experience and eye opener, very interesting and fun. I felt it helped a lot. Thank you" James

"This course was definitely worth my while. I am glad that I was able to do something that I can use for the rest of my life. The course is easy to understand and easy to implement in your life" Sanet

"This is a really great course. I highly recommend this programme to not only those who are sufferers of anger but also stress" Mark

"This programme definitely opens your eyes to a different world. You learn how to be a better person at home and the work at large. It is a wonderful environment where you are free to say how you feel without being judged. I will definitely recommend it to anyone" Henry

"Thank you for providing me with the knowledge to deal with future situations in a productive and mature manner" Ryan – Cape Town

"The course is extremely beneficial to all variants of attendees. I found the course to be very helpful in dealing with corporate conflict as well as conflict in my personal life. I have been given valuable tools in dealing with a wide range of situations for a management position" Craig

"Things could not be going better. I really feel like a new person. While life is still full of aggravations I really refuse to let them get to me. My relationship with my wife is better than ever and seems a lot more mature than before. I really have the confidence to go out and know that whatever happens I can just walk away. No fights no drama no regrets. What a change your programme has made in my life. Thank you Shelton"

"This course is very enlightening and I find that I use these tools and concepts without even knowing it. I look at the decisions I make from a different view point. I rarely now get upset because I choose not to take things personally and I realise that not everyone can live up to your expectations" 

"I found the programme presented very clearly by Shelton. It gave me a bigger picture to look at before I just get upset and lose my temper." J S 

"I really appreciated the programme very much Shelton – keep up your good work. You know I first thought how will I get through this but this has been life changing. You are a person with great expertise and Values as well as n good speaker." Nic

"I have often stated that I cannot control my anger because it is physical, but this was before I was equipped with these tools to deal with it. There is a clear difference in me and my relationships with those around me as a result of this programme" Riaan

"Before the anger management classes I had little control over my emotions, particularly "anger". The Anger Management tools and concepts are easy to understand and to use in much pressurised environments. It has helped me a great deal. Thank you so much" T.M. 

"This was a life changing experience!!. I had my doubts at first but could see a result right after my first session. Friends and family noticed my improvement over this period drastically. I feel like a different person being able to cope and deal in a much better manner with normal day-to-day stress and anger issues. This has been a life saver and I can recommend this programme to everyone battling with anger" John

"I would just like to thank the both of you for being so understanding and so kind. I found the course to be most helpful and in lighting .I have come away a better man and more confident with the way I will approach life. The hand outs were all help full just to go over what I had learnt in the session .I would recommend the programme to most people as I found it most help full ,I wish you all the best" Jon

"This course is something anyone can benefit from. It has helped me tremendously and allows you to become a better person by acknowledging your flaws and also how to deal with them. It will help you – your relationships and your work/business. Thanks so much Hannes and Shelton for your good input in my life. It will be remembered and used for ever!! Kenneth

"What a great programme! I recommend this programme to anyone and everyone who wants to live a more fulfilling live. The live skills I have learned are invaluable to me. Thanx so much!!!" Leonard

"I need to thank you for the wonderful help that you have given me. I am thrilled that I can be myself for the first time in my life and not be controlled by emotions, anger and stress. Words are not enough to explain it or the joy that it has given me." Neil

"I would seriously recommend the anger management programme to all. It really opened my eyes and thoughts that I took for granted and ignored. The tools provided are practical and really helps. It made a difference, especially in my family life" Mark

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have had an intensive one on one intervention with you which was incredibly valuable. Not only did I get a better understanding of myself but I also got a better insight into how to understand and manage my relationships with my peers and understand their personalities." T K

"The tools are practical and I was able to implement it immediately and do a lot of self-reflection. The programme definitely motivated me not to give up on myself and the relationships around me" Jason

"I loved the programme!! It helped me a lot. When you implement it in your life, it changes your behaviour. It is great to work with and see the changes happen." Justin

"I am so please to have done this programme because it helped me to realise that stress and anger are real and can be dealt with, and it changed my life. Understanding un-met needs helped me to see that I am not "the problem". Once I saw that I could release a great deal of anger and pain and now I am more relaxed and happy" Dianne

"This as a remarkable beneficial programme. If you put the tools into practise, you will become a better person and you will lead a much more fulfilling life. I highly recommend it for everyone" Amanda

"This programme is Awesome!!!. A real eye opener. Anger management doesn't necessarily mean you have anger issues. It's an amazing programme which is tailored to your personality and situation. It has changed my views and the way I communicate with my family and friends" Mandy

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