"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

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Victory Park.
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The Durban North Centre is situated in Victory Park, Umlhlanga in Kwa-Zulu Natal and services the area north of the Umgeni River including Umhlanga, Ballito and beyond, and inland Marianhill, Kloof, Hillcrest and industrial areas of Pinetown and New Germany . This Centre has been operating since January 2012.

Charmaine Holland is a qualified consultant and counsellor for The Anger & Stress Management Centre in Umhlanga. She has over 30 years’ experience in counselling and has been married to her husband Gerald for over 39 years. She has raised 2 daughters, foster children and now enjoying her grandchildren. Charmaine has served as a counsellor in a number of communities in Kwa Zula Natal since 1982. Her experience includes personal appointments, as well as presenting courses and workshops in pre-marital & marital counselling, divorce, abuse, conflict resolution, bereavements. Charmaine also holds seminars motivating and encouraging people to live life with a purpose!

Charmaine firmly believes that "when life presents you with lemons, make lemonade!!” She is passionate about empowering people of all ages and walks of life, to grow and reach their full potential, despite the challenges they may face.

Kerry van der Merwe holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Communication Science. She has been counselling in this field since 2014.

Since 1999, Kerry has pursued her passion to impart knowledge and awareness in children through different coaching techniques, thereby developing the whole child. Children are coached to process information in order to confidently solve problems in a world that is ever-changing.

Kerry believes that developing personal awareness and confidence in both adults and children, assists them to reach their life goals and full potential. She is the mother of a teenage son and is presently working towards her Honours in Psychology.

Contact Charmaine for more information on their Anger and Stress Management classes and start living the life you were intended to live!


Monday to Friday from 9am – 4pm (by appointment only).

Office address: Victory Park, 34 Ronan Rd, La Lucia.
Some recent testimonials of Charmaine include:

"Thank you very much for what I can truly say has been a life changing workshop. The last 6 months has been an epic journey into me discovering how to handle daily stresses and conflict, when it comes to human interaction.
Learning to comprehend what I needed to change in terms of reactions, what I was responsible for and what I did not need to own, has truly been life changing.The pressures and traumas of life can sometimes confuse, batter and twist ones mind and impact on our behaviour, often causing serious harm to others and oneself.
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work hard, at not just discovering "The Tools" that your Anger and Stress management course provided, but also "Implementing" them as well in daily interaction with loved ones and all humans in general. Learning to listen actively, communicate, and handle one's emotions more effectively, without expecting too much from others has been a marriage and life saver.

It's not often that we get a second chance as humans, nor the time to actually invest in one's own behaviour.I clearly learnt bad habits over time and your course has reversed so much of that. Its hard work, but so worth every cent and time.Nothing worthwhile ever comes without effort.
I have seen countless Psychologists over the years, and whilst I am not judging their craft, I must say that I was never given any tools to cope!
There was never anything given to me that I could practice. Charmaine, your open, non-judgemental, but firm professional knowledge is priceless. I thank you! Stress and Anger don't need to ruin precious relationships, either in the workplace or at home.I applaud your teams' efforts in assisting myself and others to truly grow as humans. CT."

"When my husband and I arrived on Charmaine's couch early 2019 we were aware we needed practical steps in how to reconnect with one another and take control of our own "bad habits" that had crept in over the years, but I don't think either of us were aware of just how much these simple tools could transform our marriage and our relationship, not only with each other but with ourselves! You see we have done the therapy "thing" talked out all our own demons and got to understand ourselves and each other better over the years but never had we been equipped with day to day tools on how to handle the "little things", before they become the "big things, starting with how we handle ourselves! And THAT right there was how the program transformed MY life, taking ownership for myself and myself only, for my feelings, my behaviour and my reactions is key, which has translated into my relation with my young children too and I foresee will be invaluable in handling them in the teenage years that lie ahead. Life happens, you fall don't always manage to prioritise one another when small kids, work stress and running a household take president but we go back to our simple tools and it instantly connects us, fills our tanks and equips us to handle the setbacks better, and as a team! Thanks Charmaine, your methods in coaching us through these tools is where the glory lies" DD

"Charmaine has taught my husband and me how to be a husband and wife. It is sad to say after 15 years that we did not know better. And on the road towards a divorce, a protection order against my husband and a day in prison for domestic violence, my husband in desperation turned to The Anger & Stress Management Centre for support
Well The Anger & Stress Management Centre has helped me to find myself first; to have an identity and to be proud to be me. Today I am a happy wife, a happy mum, a director of a company, studying my Masters degree at Unisa, involved in a women and child abuse centre in my community and I encourage women empowerment. The secret to life is not to lose yourself - to be who you are meant to be" DLN

"Thank you for such a great programme Charmaine. It has helped me regain my confidence, personal goals and given me hope/power/courage to face challenges. I came in here helpless, lost and powerless, but very angry thinking it was my fault. The programme helped me identify the triggers and sources of the anger. As soon as I learned the tools, I applied them and they yielded good positive sustained results. I feel empowered" L

"My sessions with Charmaine have helped me to create clarity on how I "do" anger. There were some big shifts in my thinking around anger and stress which allowed me to 1. Be gentler with myself and 2. Create a plan of action that I can use every time I feel anger rising. The confidence this has given me has had a calming effect on my general state of mind which immediately reflects on my family life. I can recommend Charmaine whole-heartedly as she is very knowledgeable, is willing to share her own experiences and has excellent communicative skills" S

"Fantastic programme. Really useful and makes you aware of how you can and should do things differently – especially communication" E.P.

"This has been a life changing experience for me. I now have my wife back again. The programme met more than my expectations and helped me to change my thought patterns." Johnathan

"The concepts were presented very clearly by Charmaine. The programme has really helped me and I am now also passing this information onto others" Andre

"The course I attended taught me a lot about myself. The most important lesson I learnt was that everything is dependent on my perceptions of people, situations etc. It all begins with me. After completing the course, I became a lot more aware of the way I think about things. The benefit of the knowledge I gained also allowed me to become more aware of the habits of people around me who can trigger my anger and how to react or not react to it. The world is becoming an angrier place and courses like this are really necessary for us all to become better people. Thank you very much!" N.B.

"I would like to say I now have a more level head than before. I try not to expect a lot out of people or take things personally. My attitude has changed in that I listen a lot more, not let things worry me what they say and not get angry and do silly things. You have helped me get more control of my anger and I feel the bad habit is slowly going away" Y.M.

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