"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

How The Anger and Stress Management Centre Started

Shelton Kartun founded the Anger and Stress Management Centre when he returned to South Africa in 2004, however its origins go back to the 20 years he lived in London U.K. After studying medicine and a post-graduate medical science degree with an interest in stress, Shelton went on to study counselling, in particular in relation to stress. He then studied anger management and found he had a love and passion for this field and sensed the strong connection between anger and stress. He co-founded the British Association of Anger Management and also ran a private practice in North London.


Shelton started expanding his knowledge and realised there was so much written on anger and anger management but a lot of it was confusing, unhelpful and even sometimes incorrect. He discarded many of the approaches that did not really work well and over the years refined and 'tweaked' things based on client experience as well as began developing his own material that was noted to be very effective in transforming live's.

Shelton's Anger Management Programme is practical in nature and
simply works effectively for those who apply it. People's lives are transformed!

Shelton also came up with the idea of a franchising model so that more branches could be opened in all other cities as quickly as possible to serve others in need of help and wanted to have a 'family' of like-minded people on-board with a passion of helping others. Shelton also established himself as quite an expert in this field and made regular appearances on TV shows, TV news, international radio and also contributed to newpapers and magazines with articles and interviews, as well as writing some of his own material. In the early days, apart from working with individuals, Shelton also ran workshops in the corporate and publics sectors, as well as within the education sector working with teachers and students, in mainstream schools and special schools.

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