"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

Sandton & Johannesburg

Suite 10, 1st Floor, 375 Rivonia Boulevard (near 12th Ave), Rivonia, Sandton.
Sandton is headed up by Karen van Zyl - BAppSocSci(Psych & Couns), one of our most experienced consultants who has several years experience in anger management. She is also a professional facilitator in Imago Relationship Therapy.
She can be contacted on 081 336 3828 or Email: [email protected] and please state where you are based.
Karen runs the Pretoria practice but will now also cover Sandton, Randburg, JHB North, Midrand and West Rand clients on certain days. Please enquire directly with Karen about days and times for your appointments.

Please make contact with Karen and she will do her best to accommodate you at [email protected].

Karen has helped hundreds of clients transform their lives. Do check out her many glowing testimonials below on this page as well as the Pretoria page to read what Karen's clients have to say.

Karen van Zyl has owned and operated the Pretoria branch in Lynnwood Manor since January 2011. She is well aware of the pressure and stress faced by many people juggling careers, relationships, financial responsibilities and family commitments. It is her passion to empower people to live happier, healthier and more balanced lives. She believes that facing personal challenges, growing as people and becoming more self-aware and mindful are some of the most rewarding things we can do in life. She enjoys the outdoors, running, cooking and hiking in her spare time.

Karen started her career 30 years ago in the travel industry. The majority of her corporate life was spent in the sales environment. She has over 10 years lay counselling experience including telephone, face-to-face, trauma debriefing and rape crisis intervention. She has completed Practitioner training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has a Diploma in Counselling and Communication from the South African College of Applied Psychology.

Karen offers an effective, personalised, structured, practical programme. The aim is to give you some insight into your anger, stress and emotions, to sort out or clarify some of the issues you are dealing with, support you and provide some practical tools for you to use in your daily life. The methodology is based on the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) programme and is tried and tested. Some counselling and coaching are also provided if necessary, to support you.

The Complete Programme includes:
• Understanding what anger and emotions are and how they can lead to conflict.
• Learning to recognise your triggers and how the emotional cycle works.
• Understanding the Pressure cooker concept and learning to be more assertive.
• Mastering the Old brain vs. the New Brain.
• Using Awareness to stay in control, prevent damage and combat stress.
• The 12 tools to manage emotions and boundary setting.

The Essentials Programme can be done in about 4 hours - this focuses on some of the essential tools. You could start with the essentials and then decide if you would like to continue and complete the programme. Ideally you would attend a session per week or fortnightly.

Employee Packages are available and workshops or talks on emotional management can be arranged.

Some recent testimonials include:
"Brilliant service. Karen was amazing and the course is definitely worth it. I have acquired new skills in dealing with triggers that upset me and am much calmer and happier being in control of how I feel and react. I recommend this course to anyone who feels that they easily get angry, upset or emotional. The course does not deal with anger only, but the underlying emotions that cause the reaction." MB
"I have completed the full anger management course. It was definitely life-changing and the best money spent!!!" TC
"Karen is a great coach and understood me and helped my situation. Her classes were great and helpful. All the material she gave and the TED talks she recommended were awesome." SE
"I am very pleased with this programme and the way in which my counsellor Karen took me through all the concepts. It was easy to grasp and understand them. It has made a positive change in my marriage and has helped me to deal with my emotions in a more positive manner. I am much more aware of my emotions and thoughts when being triggered." SS
"Thank you Karen, you are an excellent counsellor. Your sessions really helped me in coping with and managing triggers that would usually anger me. I also learned not to take other peoples opinions too personally." PB
"I would recommend this course to anyone, not only in need of anger and stress management, but also as a way to find your true self. This journey with Karen has been such a humble experience. I have found myself. Karen was much more than a coach and mentor, but a friend and companion through my journey." LB
"The sessions gave me a great amount of knowledge into conflict situations and triggering, creating awareness and led to change." CG
"This is a very helpful course. I got my self-confidence back again and I am a lot happier. I look at situations differently. Thank you." VE
"Dear Karen - thank you for your expert advice and tips, for listening without judging and making me realise that anger is not something to be ashamed of. I was using it to protect myself and I will in future practice what you have taught me. Thank you for helping me understand, better and improve myself. I feel more confident and in control. Practice is needed though." TM
"I think this should be taught in school. I would recommend this course to friends and family." GD
"I am a better person with this newly acquired knowledge and can apply it daily in business. This course is most helpful and was applied in work and personal relationships. A NEW person was 'created' due to the conscious knowledge (gained) and the way it was presented to me. Thanks!" AV
"I learned a lot about not spending negative energy in situations I can't control. I learned about triggers and becoming aware of them and controlling the situation, understanding the pressure cooker in yourself and being able to let go. I am now more relaxed and am enjoying life more. A great course!" WC
"Definitely a worthwhile programme even when you believe you have a handle on stress and anger management. The course and Karens conceptualization of these tools really helped me to be more aware and understand things in more depth." PB
"This course helped me identify my bad habits and areas that need to be worked on so I can take control of my emotions. It shows you that you are allowed to feel better about yourself. Thank you." RJ
"Karen is a knowledgeable teacher of how we could relook our emotions and how to deal with them in a practical way. This benefits ourselves and those around us. The tools she shares are absolutely life tools we should all get to know and understand." BM
"A very insightful and thought-provoking course to assist with your personal development, and provide tools and guidelines to understand both internal and external factors that have a bearing on our own actions and the consequences of these." GC
"Excellent programme. Things are happening for me, and even my road rage has come down considerably." CA
"I arrived angry, but I left calm and peaceful. The course has enlightened me to my reactions adn how to manage them. Thank you Karen." OF
"I started as an angry and anxious person, having let myself down in situations because of anger and stress. This course has helped categorize my thoughts and feelings, and re-direct my anger and frustrations in a healthy way by communicating. It has improved my relationship with my family, peers and work. I would recommend this to anyone leading stressful lives to help them re-align their thoughts and feelings." LC
"I thank you for helping me better myself in the outside and business world. Learnt a lot more than I expected. The programme helped me to understand people better at work, which improved my communication towards them. I learnt getting upset doesn't lead to positive outcomes. It also assisted me to better understand my wife and kids, and listen better to them." MR
"The ASM programme has changed my life tremendously. It helped me understand myself a lot more and helped me deal with situations and challenges in a way more positive and calm outlook. Thank you Karen for all the guidance. Karen is phenomenal and what she does has made this programme so worthwhile and helped me more than I could ever express." WB
"Thanks so much Karen! You've made a great impact in my life already. I've actively applied all the very practical concepts at home, at work and can use them for the rest of my life." TA
"This course has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and others. I believe I am a big step closer to being the best version of myself I can be. This course has changed my life and who I am. I am so grateful to Karen for guiding me to become a more mindful and understanding person." GH
"Thank you ASM Centre - the info acquired has been excellent and when applied has opened a whole new world for me." GF
"This course gave me hope - I needed the tools to help me manage anger. It taught me how to control the way I think and react. I realised I had the power to choose my reactions. Before this course anger controlled and consumed me. I am happier, calmer, wiser and emotionally lighter because of this course. Thank you!" DT
"I found this course very beneficial to grow as a person, how to handle day to day stresses and manage the anger that can manifest unexpectedly." HS
"This programme has had a significant influence in both my personal and work relationships. I recommend this programme to anyone struggling with managing stress/ anger and its effects. Words cannot express the amount of value that I've gained from this experience - thanks Karen. I appreciate all the help." LA Aug
"When I first started with the course I was very out of control with my feelings and emotions. The programme has helped me find the balance as I was continuously raging and snapping at small things." MS
"I received an excellent grounding in being aware of any situation and how to deal with it. The programme helped me very much." AvdL
"Karen really changed my life and the way I appproach the everyday challenges. Every person should be doing this course. It enriched my life tremendously." JJ
"Thank you for helping me to handle difficult situations more effectively." MO

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