"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

Sandton & Johannesburg  North - incl West Rand and Midland

For the time being our senior counsellor and anger management specialist, Shelton Kartun, will be offering ONLINE sessions, by appointment, for all you living in this part of Gauteng, requiring our help and assistance. These are extremely effective and as good as seeing him in-person, with the added advantage of being time-efficient with you not having to commute through heavy traffic.

Please make contact with Shelton at [email protected] and he will do his best to accommodate you. He has a very detailed email that he will send you. Check the Cape Town page for recent testimonials from clients who have worked with Shelton.

Shelton has helped thousands of clients transform their lives, and the many testimonials endorse his work.

Shelton offers an effective, personalised, structured, practical programme. The aim is to give you some insight into your anger, stress and emotions, to sort out or clarify some of the issues you are dealing with, support you and provide some practical tools for you to use in your daily life. The methodology is partly based on the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) programme and is tried and tested. Some counselling and coaching are also provided if necessary, to support you.

The Complete Programme includes:
• Understanding what anger and emotions are and how they can lead to conflict.
• Learning to recognise your triggers and how the emotional cycle works.
• Understanding the Pressure cooker concept and learning to be more assertive.
• Mastering the Old brain vs. the New Brain.
• Using Awareness to stay in control, prevent damage and combat stress.
• The 12 tools to manage emotions, communicate better and set boundaries.

Typically the anger management programme requires at least 6 sessions, attending once a week for one hour (over 6 weeks). 

We also offer marriage or relationship counselling, divorce counselling and help with anxiety.

Corporate Employee Packages are available and workshops or talks on emotional management can be arranged.

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