"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

Stress Management

We are experiencing higher than ever stress levels in our personal and work lives and this stress is affecting our mental and physical health and well-being. We are so used to feeling the pressure, it seems normal. Often we don't even realise we are in negative stress.
You need tools and guidance to master your work-life balance. If this is not achieved and you have prolonged stress, you are sure to get ill.

Our one-on-one stress management programme offers you:

A stress test to accurately profile which of 10 areas of your life you are experiencing above average levels of stress,
A holistic assessment of your stressors and lifestyle,
An in-depth review of all possible stress-related symptoms that are due to stress and are impacting your life,
To develop a stress-reduction plan of your specific stressors,
To learn calming down and relaxation strategies that will work for you
To learn how to deal with those things that are not in your power to change

The stress management programme is personally tailored around your needs and the duration will depend on your progress. Our main objective is to work alongside you and support you to reduce and manage the stress in your life so that you feel in control and able to cope.
You will be able to recognise stress and know when things are getting too much for you as well as implement the tools and strategies we have taught you.

CONTACT one of our Centres today and arrange a stress assessment and first session so that we can assist you.

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