"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

Anger and Stress Management Client Testimonials From 2012 to Present

"I think this should be taught in school! I would recommend this course to friends and family!" GD

"I came looking for tools to help and apply when confronted with stressful situations. Although regular therapy helped me understand the root cause of my issues, this programme (with Karen) helped me more. It was like a band-aid being able to quickly stop the bleeding in a moment, whilst also being able to work out how to avoid such injuries in the future." SG

"I found the classes, material and handouts very useful in implementing into my day to day situations. Shelton was very knowledgable and patient in putting his information across to me. Thank you Shelton." MF

"Karen really changed my life and the way I appproach the everyday challenges. Every person should be doing this course. It enriched my life tremendously." JJ

"The anger management course is very helpful as it targets the underlying problems in a concise manner unlike prolonged counselling". DL

"I felt that my anger was running away with me and hurting the people I love. Anger and Stress Management Centre gave me the simple and practical tools to manage my anger. Easy to understand and it works!" Jako - Cape Town

"Even if you do not have anger to the level where it is makin ga massive impact on your life, this course can help you to manage the often misunderstood emotion of anger. Anger happens daily in most people's lives and the advantages of managing it more effectively cannot be understated" J Stewert - Cape Town

“Karen is a very good counsellor. She explained everything in a good way. I can recommend this programme for everyone. It surely helped me” Marisa – Pretoria

"I really enjoyed my sessions with Clive. He brought out a lot within me and made me open up that normally is very hard for me" S Cvitic – Ekurhuleni

"This course was great. It has helped me to be more confident and to be able to talk about what makes me feel hurt and angry. Thank you so much" Sarel – Ekurhuleni

"When this was first mentioned to me I was sceptical as to its effectiveness. However, from the first session I began to look at personal interaction and conflict differently. I could make sense of people's behaviour as never before. As soon as I stopped holding people to my logic it became easier to work with them and to resolve issues. It has really changed the way I think and react in everyday life" Leonard - Cape Town August 2015"Just a quick note to say hi and again thanks for all that sessions. All my legal issues have been resolved and I see my son unsupervised. My work is flourishing my health really good and emotionally stabilized at a good point. You have truly been a great help in my life" Kevin – Cape Town

"When I first started this programme I was a wreck and everything in my life felt overwhelming. My inability to handle my emotions and communicate with others properly has since disappeared. I am so grateful for this and am since a much happier person. My counsellor, Karen has been fantastic! I almost feel as if she has been my personal angel at times when I've struggled the most. Thank you Karen" Ashleigh

"Thank you for helping me to grow an providing life skills for my personal and work life. It has been a great journey" Talita – Pretoria

"This was a cool course. I think everyone needs to do this. Thanks Karen" Leandra – Pretoria

"Shelton made me understand why I get angry and how to avoid losing my cool so now I deal so much better with difficult situations ant work and at home. Thank you Shelton. The programme is great" C d P – Cape Town

"Thank you Shelton for your amazing knowledge and insight into how humans 'operate' or rather 'should not' be operating. I felt that I could trust you with my anger problems and you helped me through the course to become a better person – to myself and others. Thanks a mill!" Inus – Cape Town

"We surely have to be amongst your top success stories of couples whose quality of marriage has just soared exponentially due to the daily application of practical input you gave us. Quite honestly, what you taught us was a huge, radical turning point for us in our ability to process challenges or differences of opinion in our marriage, and we have just not looked back!! We feel indescribably grateful for the healing - just being able to better understand each other - it has brought us. How we thank the Lord for you Alan" K and D – Durban South

"Thank you for this enlightening process. This course gave me a greater understanding of my perceptions and reactive triggers. I was only to slowly integrate the tools in a systematic way for positive and receptive outcomes in times of misunderstanding and friction" Andrew – Cape Town

“Overall a fantastic inclusive course which I would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their life and state of wellbeing” J K – Cape Town

 "Thank you....we had an amazing experience we shall never forget. You delivered an infinitely reasonable set of simple tools that are extremely effective to focus on altering negative patterns, yet calming and resolute in shifting perspective. This was a most memorable and bonding moment for a Mother and Son" Vicky - Cape Town

"This programme is easy to understand and relate to. I am now learning to break my bad habits and see things from a whole new perspective. I could not ask for a more amazing counsellor. Alan is understanding and easy to talk to and has made me a happy man again. I am learning to control my anger instead of my anger controlling me. I highly recommend it" Ewan – Durban South

"This programme has helped me to handle situations in my marriage, my work environment and my social life" Hannes – Pretoria

"It was a good experience and eye opener, very interesting and fun. I felt it helped a lot. Thank you" James – Cape Town

"This course was definitely worth my while. I am glad that I was able to do something that I can use for the rest of my life. The course is easy to understand and easy to implement in your life" Sanet – Cape Town

"This is a really great course. I highly recommend this programme to not only those who are sufferers of anger but also stress" Mark – Cape Town

"This programme definitely opens your eyes to a different world. You learn how to be a better person at home and the work at large. It is a wonderful environment where you are free to say how you feel without being judged. I will definitely recommend it to anyone" Henry – Cape Town

"This programme works! It gives you tools to improve everyday in yourself. It helps you to improve your thoughts, how you feel about yourself and how to handle each situation in a calm way. You will see in the results, this works, as long as you want to make a change. I feel like a new positive person" Salomi – Pretoria

"The programme was very thorough and helped me a lot with the way to express myself when triggered" Percy – Pretoria

"I would highly recommend this training to young people starting out on life's journey. Alan has also put all my stress into perspective" Phillips – Durban South

"Thank you for providing me with the knowledge to deal with future situations in a productive and mature manner" Ryan – March Cape Town

"The programme was highly useful and I learnt a lot. Thank you Mara. You are a warm, loving and intelligent woman who has taught me crucial life lessons that will strengthen my relationship. I will forever remember my experience" Sabine – Sandton

"The course is extremely beneficial to all variants of attendees. I found the course to be very helpful in dealing with corporate conflict as well as conflict in my personal life. I have been given valuable tools in dealing with a wide range of situations for a management position" Craig – Cape Town

"The support Karen gave me while going through the steps in programme was excellent. Definitely not a quick fix but a life lesson. Trying to relax is often the best solution to a problem" H D – Pretoria

"Charmaine has taught my husband and me how to be a husband and wife. It is sad to say after 15 years that we did not know better. And on the road towards a divorce, a protection order against my husband and a day in prison for domestic violence, my husband in desperation turned to The Anger & Stress Management Centre for support
Well The Anger & Stress Management Centre has helped me to find myself first; to have an identity and to be proud to be me. Today I am a happy wife, a happy mum, a director of a company, studying my Masters degree at Unisa, involved in a women and child abuse centre in my community and I encourage women empowerment. The secret to life is not to lose yourself - to be who you are meant to be" DLN – Durban North

"Things could not be going better. I really feel like a new person. While life is still full of aggravations I really refuse to let them get to me. My relationship with my wife is better than ever and seems a lot more mature than before. I really have the confidence to go out and know that whatever happens I can just walk away. No fights no drama no regrets. What a change your programme has made in my life. Thank you Shelton" Craig – Cape Town

"This course is very enlightening and I find that I use these tools and concepts without even knowing it. I look at the decisions I make from a different view point. I rarely now get upset because I choose not to take things personally and I realise that not everyone can live up to your expectations" Ryan – Cape Town

"I found the programme presented very clearly by Shelton. It gave me a bigger picture to look at before I just get upset and lose my temper." J S – Cape Town

"I have learnt to control a situation without going mad and swearing all the time. It has been hard to stick to the steps but I will continue to work at it. Thank you for all your help-it helped me with my work and my family" Graeme – Sandton

"I really appreciated the programme very much Shelton – keep up your good work. You know I first thought how will I get through this but this has been life changing. You are a person with great expertise and Values as well as n good speaker." Nic – Cape Town

"Karen presented the course with knowledge and understanding and making presenting the tools relevant to my life / situation. I have learned a lot of myself and my way of thinking and look forward to using what I have learned to the benefit of myself and my family / friends" Marcelle – Pretoria

"Karen, I would like to thank you for the nine weeks we have spent in consultation. Not only has my daily life benefited but my outlook on life too. I am much calmer and relaxed when facing daily challenges or confrontation, due mainly to techniques learnt from your training. I am also a lot happier and positive – my colleagues and friends have noticed a remarkable change". G.K. – Pretoria

"I have often stated that I cannot control my anger because it is physical, but this was before I was equipped with these tools to deal with it. There is a clear difference in me and my relationships with those around me as a result of this programme" Riaan – Cape Town

"I have learned to control a situation without going mad and swearing all the time. It has been hard to stick to the steps but I will continue to work at it. Thank you for all your help. It helped me with my work and my family" G. T. – Sandton

"The tools are very practical and easy to understand. The programme did not only meet my expectations but was more than I expected" L.M. – Cape Town

"This course is something anyone can benefit from. It has allowed me to become a better person, to understand myself better and to acknowledge my emotions and my feelings. I will sure use all the tools for the longest time to come. Karen, thank you so much!!" Dumisani – Pretoria

"These sessions with Alan helped me a lot. I am now able to deal with my anger problems much better as a result of his help. I am now able to assess my anger and control it" R – Durban South

"Before the anger management classes I had little control over my emotions, particularly "anger". The Anger Management tools and concepts are easy to understand and to use in much pressurised environments. It has helped me a great deal. Thank you so much" T.M. – Cape Town

"This was a life changing experience!!. I had my doubts at first but could see a result right after my first session. Friends and family noticed my improvement over this period drastically. I feel like a different person being able to cope and deal in a much better manner with normal day-to-day stress and anger issues. This has been a life saver and I can recommend this programme to everyone battling with anger" John – Cape Town

"I would just like to thank the both of you for being so understanding and so kind. I found the course to be most helpful and in lighting .I have come away a better man and more confident with the way I will approach life. The hand outs were all help full just to go over what I had learnt in the session .I would recommend the programme to most people as I found it most help full ,I wish you all the best" Jon - Cape Town

"Thank you for such a great programme Charmaine. It has helped me regain my confidence, personal goals and given me hope/power/courage to face challenges. I came in here helpless, lost and powerless, but very angry thinking it was my fault. The programme helped me identify the triggers and sources of the anger. As soon as I learned the tools, I applied them and they yielded good positive sustained results. I feel empowered" L – Durban North

"This course is something anyone can benefit from. It has helped me tremendously and allows you to become a better person by acknowledging your flaws and also how to deal with them. It will help you – your relationships and your work/business. Thanks so much Hannes and Shelton for your good input in my life. It will be remembered and used for ever!! Kenneth – Cape Town

"Thank you Karen for being so passionate, sincere, inter-active and non-judgmental in what you do.
Essentially, my goal when I started the sessions was to take my power back. I have gained so much more. I was very well aware of the theory behind living a more balanced life. Sometimes we just need to be told same by a trained objective outsider. The tools given to deal with ANY situation where we interact with others are most helpful.
Understanding the fundamentals of what triggers me and why and how to consciously change my behaviour and reactions has ensured that I have finally taken my power back. I know that this is the start of a wonderful journey of self-discovery" Bernadette – Pretoria

"I want to say thank you to Alan for giving me a chance to be a better person for my family and everyone I interact with. Furthermore thank you for making me realise that my past and family background do not have to define my life and that of my family. This programme was very useful and I was thought a lot of things I did not know about myself and life in general, especially how to control my anger and avoid unnecessary confrontations" Sifiso – Durban South

"My sessions with Charmaine have helped me to create clarity on how I "do" anger. There were some big shifts in my thinking around anger and stress which allowed me to 1. Be gentler with myself and 2. Create a plan of action that I can use every time I feel anger rising. The confidence this has given me has had a calming effect on my general state of mind which immediately reflects on my family life. I can recommend Charmaine whole-heartedly as she is very knowledgeable, is willing to share her own experiences and has excellent communicative skills" S – Durban North

"Clive as well as the programme, has had a great influence on my life in terms of dealing with situations appropriately. He made me feel at home. I felt welcome and Clive's ability to see my point of view and share his real life experiences made me feel a lot more comfortable. Thanks for everything" Dean – Ekurhuleni

"Alan has helped me realise that anger controlled my life, but no longer does. This programme has helped me overcome anger issues and helped me handle situations in a better way. Anger does not control me anymore" Natasha – Durban South

"What a great programme! I recommend this programme to anyone and everyone who wants to live a more fulfilling live. The live skills I have learned are invaluable to me. Thanx so much!!!" Leonard - Cape Town

"Fantastic programme. Really useful and makes you aware of how you can and should do things differently – especially communication" E.P. – Durban North

"The programme was very helpful and made me see things differently. It is a good self investment and I will advise everyone to do it." T.B. - Durban South

"I need to thank you for the wonderful help that you have given me. I am thrilled that I can be myself for the first time in my life and not be controlled by emotions, anger and stress. Words are not enough to explain it nor the joy that it has given me." Neil - Cape Town

"This has been a life changing experience for me. I now have my wife back again. The programme met more than my expectations and helped me to change my thought patterns." Johnathan - Durban North

"Many thanks Karen, for your patience, listening skills, passion and commitment to see the likes of me through the course. I wish to tell you that the course was and is a life changing experience for me at all levels i.e. family, work, friendships and social. I prefer to call it a Life-Course rather than Anger Management Course because that's just how much value I got out of the course.
I will sure use the tools for the longest time to come, again I consider the experience indeed life-changing." T.N. - Pretoria

"Thanks Clive you are the best!. This programme changed my life. I would recommend this to anybody who wants to be a better person. I am very thankful and happy to have met Clive. He is a big blessing." Eugene - Ekurhuleni

"Karen helped me to see the truth in every difficult situation I am faced with. Now I can work on applying myself and start to enjoy life again. So many useful tools. So much knowledge shared. Thank you!!" NJ Honiball - Pretoria

"I would seriously recommend the anger management programme to all. It really opened my eyes and thoughts that I took for granted and ignored. The tools provided are practical and really helps. It made a difference, especially in my family life" Mark – Cape Town

"The concepts were presented very clearly by Charmaine. The programme has really helped me and I am now also passing this information onto others" Andre - Durban North

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have had an intensive one on one intervention with you which was incredibly valuable. Not only did I get a better understanding of myself but I also got a better insight into how to understand and manage my relationships with my peers and understand their personalities." T K - Cape Town

"The tools are practical and I was able to implement it immidiately and do a lot of self reflection. The programme defnitely motivated me not to give up on myself and the relationships around me" Jason - Cape Town

"You can continue with your anger problems without learning how to manage it, but why would you want to? It's so much nicer to not be angry all the time!! Thanks for changing my life." M JvR - Pretoria

"If you want to get to know yourself and build better relationships, this is the BEST available. The course work is very detailed and practical and can be put in use very easily" Kevin - Pretoria May


"I loved the programme!! It helped me a lot. When you implement it in your life, it changes your behaviour. It is great to work with and see the changes happen." Justin - Cape Town

"The anger management programme changed my life in so many ways. It made me aware of my behaviour to myself and those around me. It taught me that I can't control everything and everyone around me and to let go. Since I started the programme I could clearly see how my relationships with family grew stronger. Life makes sense again. Thank you" M H - Pretoria

"My life was upside down when I first came for the programme, but now I feel I am in control. I can face any challenge that comes my way. I even don't fear, fear itself." Phuti - Pretoria

"In the end, when you know how to use the tools, they will help you to get over that obstacle or worry that's leading to stress and anxiety. Thank you. I appreciate the help and the patience you have shown in me." Tshegofatso - Pretoria

"This as a remarkable beneficial programme. If you put the tools into practise, you will become a better person and you will lead a much more fulfilling life. I highly recommend it for everyone" Amanda - Cape Town

"The anger management programme made me aware of areas and situations where I can better manage my anger and my emotions. This awareness was the first big step towards gaining more control over my anger. The tools and skills provided are also very helpful if practised and integrated into your daily life. This programme definitely helped me to be a more in-control person" Johannes - Pretoria

"The programme was very well presented. I learned to channel my anger from bad into something good. This I now can apply in all my day to day tasks, work and home. This helped me a lot, I will practise what I have learned. Thank you for this programme." James - Durban South

"I knew we needed Anger Management to save our marriage. Our marriage was heading for the rocks. I knew I had to do something and that something was the time we've spent here. My best friend told me to come see Alan and I am thankful that we did, because through all this we are now heading to good things and a good life together" Ansie - Durban South

"I found the programme to be highly pragmatic and applicable to real life circumstances" Dave - Pretoria

"This programme is Awesome!!!. A real eye opener. Anger management doesn't necessarily mean you have anger issues. It's an amazing programme which is tailored to your personality and situation. It has changed my views and the way I communicate with my family and friends" Mandy - Cape Town

"I now know how to be in control of my life and its demands and stay healthy. I can deal with stressful situations that evoke anger" N.S. (Attorney) - Pretoria

"I didn't expect to learn as much as I did. Clive made me better understand myself and help me re-learn. If you think you need this then you probably do. I had the biggest change in myself in the shortest possible time I ever thought possible" G.E. - Ekurhuleni

"Not only was the programme informative and helpful, but it was also fun and very rewarding. What was remarkable was that others could see the changes and I feel empowered to have control" Werner - Pretoria

"The course outline is extremely detailed and informative. The tools assist me with all aspects of combatting my triggers" G.M. - Cape Town

"I really feel that the sessions have not only helped me, but my relationship and friendships as well. This course is a great tool to use, not only in your private and personal life, but also in your professional and social life. I believe everyone who does this course will benefit greatly from it. Everyone should do it!" N.N. - Alberton

"This programme not only highlighted that I have unresolved issues, but equipped me with the tools and the ability to recognise the problems before they blow up. I actually want to drag all my co-workers to do the programme as I can see now the benefits it has had" Caty - Pretoria

"Life changing!!" Etienne - Cape Town

"Very relaxed and easy goinng environment to help express yourself clearly. Well done guys" Jason - Cape Town

"I came to this programme with a lot of anger and stress. I felt helpless and wasn't doing well in person or being able to deal with other people. I have now found ways to watch for negative thoughts and my triggers and can handle situations differently and with more respect. I also found that I am now calmer and can make better decisions." Leonie - Pretoria

"I never regarded myself as an angry person but when I did the Anger test I found out that I am indeed a somewhat angry person and realized that I have to change my behaviour. I thoroughly believe that the course offered and equipped me with the required skills as well as coping mechanisms to deal with Anger, it brought a whole lot of issues into perspective as well as taught me valuable lessons. The mechanisms I learned I apply in my daily business as well as personal life and it has just helped me to deal with so many situations in a calm and collected way and achieve the results I required. The old me would have ranted and raved to get his point across but the new me is by far more diplomatic and understanding and I achieve positive outcomes a lot more than I used to. My family has seen how I have brought this under control and we are now able to actively engage without the FEAR of an outburst." Anonymous - Durban

"The course I attended taught me a lot about myself. The most important lesson I learnt was that everything is dependent on my perceptions of people, situations etc. It all begins with me. After completing the course, I became a lot more aware of the way I think about things. The benefit of the knowledge I gained also allowed me to become more aware of the habits of people around me who can trigger my anger and how to react or not react to it. The world is becoming an angrier place and courses like this are really necessary for us all to become better people. Thank you very much!" N.B. - After seeing Charmaine in Durban.

"I would like to say I now have a more level head than before. I try not to expect a lot out of people or take things personally. My attitude has changed in that I listen a lot more, not let things worry me what they say and not get angry and do silly things. You have helped me get more control of my anger and I feel the bad habit is slowly going away" Y.M. Durban, after seeing Charmaine.

"This program helped me to get my anger back in control. My family and friends could see the impact and change in my life. I am in control of my anger and am a happier person. Relationships got stronger after I learned to manage my anger." R.K. - Pretoria

"Good strategies to use to remain calm and to be more tolerant of how others see things. This was well worth the time and has taught me the basics to not attack straight away but to look, listen and evaluate, then move forward in a calm manner." G.S. - Cape Town

"Anger Management has supplied me with insights and tools, most not unknown but the real value lies in the facilitation of making things your own. The weekly one on one discussions created the opportunity to clarify the how of incorporating the concepts into my daily life. I found it highly beneficial - the more control I have over my anger, the more control I have over my happiness. Karen is a lovely facilitator and I thank her for the value she added to my life. PS This should be a course incorporated in schools - it will go a long way in improving the quality of our society". I.S. - Pretoria

"When I first saw Karen I felt desperate and very emotional. The programme is most definitely worth it! I feel much more in control of my emotions as well as being more aware of external triggers which can cause me to feel so desperate. I can honestly say that my anger and stress levels are a fraction of what they were as I now have the tools to cope. Thank you!" Michelle - Pretoria

"Hannes highlighted areas that weren't obvious. The programme helped me to cope and process anger, made me aware of my triggers and how to communicate more appropriately. I am now more capable of dealing with the problem at hand and moving on" GC - Cape Town

"Karen presents the concepts clearly with a very practical approach. I need to practice the concepts so they become second nature. Really Helpful!" (Riaze in Pretoria)

"From the first session I felt a change. The first week I was put in situations where I used tools and everyone around could see the change and appreciated the new me." (Kirby in Pretoria)

"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. This is my motto that I live by - Anger has held me back. I have conquered it with Hannes" (at the Cape Town office - Y.C.)

"I was always skeptical about this sort of thing, the best way to describe it is that you have to experience it to understand it's value. It allowed me to focus on me, without any judgement." Kerwin (29 years - Civil Engineer)

"Wow. I've grown up in myself, for my children and friends. This has made me a better person for all my relationships. This programme was far over what I expected with loads of practical solutions." (Roger in Pretoria)

"Great programme. The coach makes it very easy to understand. The concepts and tools to use makes it very easy to address your problems." (Dawid - Marketer in CTN)

"This programme has helped me to learn more about myself than anything that I have attended. I learnt how to handle situations, other people and my own feelings. I handle everything much better. A complete life turn around for me." Jurita (28 years - Customer Care Consultant)

"Anyone in a similar situation to me as an angry person should really consider this course. It is presented in a clear, well thought out way with concepts and solutions which are naturally inclined to help you see the light at the end of the angry tunnel." Adam (19 years - Student)

"Absolutely a must for every parent. Not just for yourself to manage your anger, but to teach your children better skills for their own well-being. A concerned and "used to be very angry mom". I truly enjoyed and benefitted from the course and understanding of myself." Loret (40 years - Mother)

"Ive learnt alot about myself, how I should treat others and deal with others and their feelings as well as my own. People dont' realise that they have anger issues until someone actually tells them and gives them the tools to pinpoint it and deal with it." Brandon (29 years - Structural Technician)

"I had attended an Anger Management course previously which didn't really help me, but this course has been excellent and is very clear and practical." Jay (29 years - IT Consultant)

"I am truly grateful for the assistance and learning skills of expressing anger. Practice makes perfect." Niren (30 years - Engineer)

"This course has opened my mind and frame of thinking alot. It has made me see that there is a good and clean way of letting go of anger. It has also made me see people and their opinions in a different way." Mr Pillay (29 years)

"I would strongly recommend anyone and everyone to take this course, as it teaches us alot about ourselves and our perceptions/misconceptions. The programme more than exceeded my expectatins." Morne (30 years - Entreprenuer)

"Through attending this course I was directed to many life enhancing and changing events, and have been able to see and experience new aspects of myself. I would recommend this training to all people - and I gained much more than just "anger management", I gained "personal management"." Joseph (37 years - Ops Manager)

"I drove to Johannesburg from Gabarone every two weeks to attend my sessions. The programme was very helpful and exciting. I may not be perfect now, but I certainly realise a big change in me and those around me. My coach was excellent, it was as if she had known me for a very long time!" Lesang (29 years - Civil Engineer)

"I found the programme really helpful and really insightful. I'm glad to know that there was an anger management course available that works." Anne (30 years - Office Manager)

"A wonderful programme which definately needs to be marketed more amongst young and upcoming African people." Bella (30 years - Medical Aid Exec)

"My expectations were exceeded, the concepts were clearly and easily understandable and the course materials and facilitator were excellent." Muhammed (31 years)

"The programme absolutely helped me. I found that my life has definately improved and my relationships have definately grown stronger." Marcel (21 years - Student)

"Anger Management has without a doubt helped me control my anger and has put me in less explosive situations and I make less of a fool of myself. Very professionally handled." Torsten (36 years - Logistics)

"I used to get into trouble with the law all the time and get locked up regularly. I now know how to control myself properly. Highly recommended." Clinton (28 years - Business Owner)

"I am very happy with the programme and I felt that it helped me very much. It was very different from my expectations, however it was very well met. I see this as the beginning of a journey." Ridwan (35 years - Architect)

"I really enjoyed the course as it made me start thinking about things in my life and myself in different ways." Thierry (56 years - Analyst)

"The programme has definately helped me and has broadened my perspective hugely." Guy (24 years - Property Expert)

"This programme is a life tool, and when applied it can improve your life." Amit (27 years - Engineer)

"I think that this was the best thing that could happen to anyone. It has indeed changed my life and also my perception of how I was and experienced things and events in my life. I am grateful for this training which I feel has equipped me better to cope with myself in the future. It has changed me and also the manner in which I relate to people. I have gained alot of knowledge that I have already started to implement in my life with excellent results." Vossie (42 years - Electrical Foreman)

" This course has been Life-changing! The concepts and lessons seemed to be tailor-made for me. The tools given are easy to use and have had a positive influence on my life. The moment I sat down with Karen in the first session, I felt comfortable and knew I had made the right decision to come. The concepts and tools have truly helped me to deal with and handle triggers in a constructive and positive manner. I feel equipped to face life head-on and handle anything that comes my way! I can now look forward to an awesome quality life. (Cindy-Lee : Software Tester)"

"Ek wens al my kollega's kon leer en luister na hierdie programe. Dit kan van jou 'n nuwe mens maak, maar dit kos harde inoefening en toepassing van dit wat hier geleer word (Suzette - Pta)"

"I found the programme extremely helpful and Shelton even helped with counselling to such a degree that I found the course more helpful than seeing a psychiatrist." AMF - Accountant - Cape Town

"I am very impressed and will recommend you for someone who needs your services". Johann - Director Cape Town

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