"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cases of it." Marcus Aurelius

The Anger and Stress Management Centre's Vision and Mission


  • To be the leading centre of expertise in the World specializing in Anger Management, Emotional Management and Stress Management by delivering our effective programmes.
  • To bring Anger and Stress management to individuals all over the World and provide them the tools they need to manage emotions, behaviours, conflict and stress better.
  • To help improve relationships and empower individuals to have healthier and happier lives.


  • To help individuals feel more in control through our powerful programmes.
  • To help individuals and relationships transform and become empowered to manage their anger and emotions as well as their stress.
  • To constantly grow and expand globally, as well as throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa, by opening more Franchised Centre's with passionate people and Licensees, who want to be part of The Anger and Stress Management Centre.
  • To offer E-learning to everyone in the World where they may not easily be able to attend a Centre in person.

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The Anger and Stress Management Centre
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