"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

July 1, 2014

What Leads to Road Rage?

Road rage incidents seem to be on the increase and this may be attributable to higher stress levels and more cars on the road leading to more congestion and unpleasant driving experiences.


Aggressive driving is a precursor of road rage
Once you get into the habit of reacting in your car you will continue to do so and will get worse over time. This leads you to becoming a grumpy driver with aggressive tendencies seeing others in the wrong whilst you are perfect.
In reality this is seldom true. So many road ragers break the rules of the road themselves and actually can put themselves and others safety at risk.
We hear in the news incidents of deaths from road rage incidents where one or both of the drivers had guns. What could possibly have made it worth attacking the other? Not only are the outcomes catastrophic but the person could land up on the wrong side of the law and be fined or imprisoned.
Road raging is never worth it!

If you are stressed or feeling tense, then be mindful not to engage with others. Try not to drive too much or try to miss congested routes. Learn what helps you to stay calm - listen to calming music or the radio. Learn to let things go.

If you are a road rager it is likely you do have an anger management problem so we do recommend you contact us and do one of our courses.

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