"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the cause of it." Marcus Aurelius

April 9, 2015

Does your relationship need help?

Communication, or the lack thereof, is usually the most significant problem in a relationship, normally fuelled by anger and conflict, resulting in the relationship to deteriorate. Couples struggle to resolve their conflict and let go, or do not possess the skills on how to resolve their conflict.

If you can answer YES to some or all of these questions below, you probably need some help in rebuilding or reviving your relationship with your partner.

• Are you frequently arguing or fighting with your partner?
• Do you feel unfulfilled, negative and disappointed?
• Do you feel used or that you no longer love your partner?
• Has your sex life deteriorated?
• Do you often misunderstand each other and are not communicating properly?
• Have you stopped having those quality times and feel in a rut?
• Are the children suffering from your constant arguments?

If you leave things the way they are, nothing will change and most likely will get worse over time.

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