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November 20, 2014

The Stress Test

Our accurate stress test has been designed to help you know what levels of stress you have in ten key areas of your life over and above any major significant event. It is usually very difficult to pin-point where the stress lies, to what extent it is impacting us and whether it is above average. Without this knowledge we are not able to tackle the specific areas and the stress continues. Prolonged exposure to stress takes its toll on our mental and physical health and well-being, often leading to coronary heart disease.

This stress test accurately will assess your stress levels and will quantitatively give you a score for 10 key areas, once you have answered a total of 40 statements. Based on the scores you obtain, you can see whether the stress level is mild, medium, high, very high or extreme. Empowered with this information you can then focus and prioritise the areas of your life you need to address. The statements will give you clues as to what to do, but we strongly recommend that you come and see us so we can work with you and develop an effective stress-reduction plan. Additionally when you see us, we will look at many other factors and do a lifestyle analysis to assist you further.

Instructions for doing the stress test:

  • Answer each statement that best fits the description of how you think about yourself right now.
  • There are no wrong answers and this stress test is for your benefit to see where you need to focus.
  • Please select your answer for each statement.
  • Each letter stands represents Never; Rarely; Sometimes; Often and Always.
  • Answer the first thing that comes into your mind for each statement.
  • This test will take about twenty minutes to complete.
  • Once completed, the test can be profiled and scored to give you meaningful results.

The scores are not scientific but for your guidance, if your score in an area is over 10 you should be monitoring it and if it is over 13 you should be taking action to reduce stress in that area.

Once you have taken the Stress Test, refer back to this page for guidance as to how to interpret your results for the 10 categories.

To now find out about your stress levels, take the Stress Test now.

The 10 categories are as follows:
Physical State
Stress takes a toll on your physical ability. If you have a high score in this area it is an indicator of stress in other areas of your life that may be impacting upon you physically. Also, for many of us, how we feel physically affects our stress levels and our ability to deal with stress.

Mental Control
When you are under stress your ability to concentrate and focus is impaired. This in turn affects your ability to regulate yourself emotionally. It affects your performance at work and in relationships where focussing on another is important.

Emotional Ease
This indicates whether you are comfortable with the feelings that you have. It involves you giving yourself permission to feel how you are feeling without shaming yourself or suppressing your feelings. It also indicates whether stress is leading to your feelings overwhelming you.

Weight Management
This is a common stress area in this day and age. It indicates how healthy your relationship with eating is and whether this is a cause of stress. Stress can cause you to lose weight or to gain it. Shame associated with how and what you eat is also a factor here.

Feelings of Integrity
This is the anxiety caused by behaving in ways that conflict with your own values and beliefs. This may be your work or your friendship groups that cause this conflict in you.

Feelings of Relationship
Similar to Belonging this is about your ability to be in a relationship and to cope with the demands that a relationship places upon you. Also closely linked to how highly you value yourself.

Feelings of Belonging
Belonging is a basic need. This is closely linked to self esteem and whether or not you are able to connect with others. It may result from a fear of intimacy. Do you push people away from you?

Feelings of Satisfaction
Do you judge yourself against others? Are you satisfied with your place in the world? Dealing with the stress you create in this area will enable you to appreciate you, your place in life and who you truly are. Many people with issues in this area think that they will lose their "edge" if they deal with this. It is in fact the opposite.

Feelings of Justice
This is to do with your ability to accept things that you cannot change. Those who are sensitive to injustice will cause themselves to live in a world of black and white and right versus wrong. It is about taking responsibility for your actions and not blaming others.

Feelings of Stimulation
This is about whether or not you are enjoying life. Whether your life is challenging and getting you down or challenging and inspiring. It may revolve around your job or what you do outside of your work.

Thank you for taking the Stress Test.

We would like to help you manage and reduce your stress so that it does not impact your health - please call or email your nearest Centre soonest.

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