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June 30, 2014

Symptoms of Stress in the Workplace

Symptoms of Stress in the Workplace

Most of the time the workplace is a stressful environment filled with demands, pressures, deadlines, challenges, difficult people to mention but a few things.

Stress in the workplace

This common situation exists in most countries and around 70% of those in work experience prolonged stress. This results in bouts of anxiety, irritability, poor sleep, lack of focus and concentration, loss of confidence and aches and pains. There is often a sense of overwhelm and inability to cope - not enough time in the day. Stress can easily be spread from one colleague to another, as well as be taken home into the family where it can affect relationships with your loved ones. As commuting is also a stressful experience, one can even find road rage or queue/ line rages occuring.
There is often aggression towards colleagues and there is no doubt that performance is affected.


It is important to recognise the symptoms of stress and go and seek help. Our stress test will give you some insight into how stressed you are. Stress is one of those things that can and must be managed. We provide tools to help you achieve this so that you feel more in control of the demands on you in the workplace and can begin to feel healthier and happier. Often we don't realise how stressed we are because we are so used to feeling this way. Do take a look at our sections on stress and begin a programme.

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